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Seafood Recipes

  1. Uncle BJ's Barbecue Grilled Fish:
    Fish, we prefer Mullet or Blue Fish, but you can try your favorite type of fish. Clean fish. Remove Head and guts but do not scale. Fillet, (remove center bone), marinade the fillets in Aunt Sue's Sauce for about an hour, (or more if you like). Place the fillets on grill with scale side down. The scales help hold the fish together on the grill, (don't eat scales). Cook for about 15 minutes or until fish is flaky. If you like you can baste fish in a mixture of butter and Aunt Sue's Sauce while they cook.
  2. Uncle Rob's Barbecue shrimp:
    Marinate shrimp in Aunt Sue’s for about 20 min. Place on skewers, cook on good hot grill for about 10 min. Enjoy !

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